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In this fiftieth anniversary year of the Summer of Love and the founding of the Counter Culture, Escallonia Press announces the publication of San Fran ‘60s: Stories of the Hippies, the Summer of Love, and San Francisco in the Sixties, Volumes 1 & 2 by M.W. Jacobs. This collection of autobiographical short stories is the only literary fiction by a participant.

In the San Francisco Chronicle’s recent Summer of Love anniversary magazine, the first volume of San Fran ‘60s was one of only eight recommended books. In addition to the Chronicle’s endorsement, the review blurbs for the first volume of San Fran ‘60s are a chorus of praise. This new edition is a hundred-and-twenty-two-thousand words long, more than twice the length of the first volume, plus the new edition includes a new novella, “The Land,” about the back-to-the-land movement of the Seventies.

The Summer of Love was a signature experience of the Boomers. It was also the epicenter of the biggest cultural transformation of the second half of the Twentieth Century. Yet, for all the memoirs and histories, nobody, not once, told what it was like from the inside using the techniques of literary fiction. Until San Fran ‘60s. The new edition is now available on Amazon in ebook and trade paperback, as is A History of the U.S. in 20 Movies: An All-Movie History Course also by M.W. Jacobs.

That unique book provides an accurate, thorough overview of American history by explaining interesting movies based on American history, all of which are available on Netflix and/or Amazon. This is a fun history course packed into one book and twenty movies. It could be the solution to the appalling and notorious ignorance of history on the part of students and the general public. This is also a unique form of creative nonfiction, combining popular history, film criticism, and the literary essay.

Jacobs wrote, directed, produced, and edited a low-budget feature film in the early Eighties (available on You Tube as Twisted Tales of Edgar Allan Poe). In the late Eighties, he worked for George Lucas’ special effects division, Industrial Light and Magic. After that, as a history teacher for nearly twenty years, Jacobs searched for the most effective way to teach the subject that polls perennially rank as students’ least favorite.A History of the U.S. in 20 Movies is the result of that search.

Meanwhile, there has been quite a stir in the poetry world from our Choicest Rock Band Names as Tiny Poems. If less is more, this is the most in poetry and engaging reading. From ten thousands collected over decades throughout the English-speaking world, these are the choicest few hundred.

In The Gift of Sleep, author William Weinreb gives us an absorbing, complex, and suspenseful World War II novel that evokes the period in apt and expert detail, and has a surging narrative, propelled by dialogue. Part of it takes place in the fictitious Balkan country of Dacia, an ingenious hybridization of actual Balkan countries. Other parts take place in Washington D.C. and New York in the years immediately before the war. It’s a rip snortin’ yarn that’s easy to get lost in.

In Donna Hanelin’s Flight from Oaxaca, it’s 2006 and Oaxaca, Mexico is in chaos. Protestors and police fill the streets, and Carol is led into the swarm of the city by a chance encounter on a flight from Oaxaca. She is brought back into her own past through deep connections with an imprisoned political activist, a suicidal sister, and an untraditional healer. It’s a moving story well-told and redolent of its exotic locale.

All of the above titles are now available on Amazon in ebook and trade paperback.

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