The Gift of Sleep Synopsis

The Gift of Sleep is a unique, highly imaginative novel that crosses the lines of several literary genres. It is an historical novel and also a work of fantasy; historical, because it takes place during the late 1930s and the darkest days of World War II; a work of fantasy because a good deal of this tale is set in Dacia, a small fictional country buried deep in the Balkans. This is a big book, 614 pages, and nothing like this has ever been done before on a large scale.
In remote, landlocked Dacia, an express train makes an emergency stop and two powerful rivals, Count Anton Cozma and General Georges Serbancu meet trackside face to face. Each man is a rising star in his respective clan; each is competing for the coveted post of consul general at New York, with its political connections and lucrative possibilities. With the aid of Dacia’s secret police, the dreaded Sécurata, each hopes to establish himself as a semi independent viceroy over the insular Dacian community in the upper Manhattan.
Thus begins an engaging tale of intrigue, espionage and forbidden love that stretches from the strongholds of eastern Europe to the Depression-ravaged streets of New York as a rebellious young couple struggle against tradition beneath the darkening shadows of the Second World War.


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