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  1. Concerning The Magic Mountain Music Festival…

    I’m an old man now, but it seems to me that hooking up is a lot easier for young people these days. By parking lot for the cars of festival goers, I assume the author means Pantoll and/or Bootjack. Maybe if the author and Christine had hiked up the Old Mine Trail from Pantoll (or the Easy Grade trail from Bootjack) to the Mountain Theater, things would have turned out differentially for them…

    The Doors weren’t invited to perform at Monterey Pop because and Lou Adler, the co-producer of the festival, with John Phillips, had a beef with Jim. Lou Adler didn’t want the Doors, and especially Jim, at Monterey. So the Doors went to NYC and played an extended run at The Scene. So Monterey Pop had to settle for Brian Jones, fleeing London and his latest drug bust, who I remember walking around the festival grounds, with a cigarette in one hand and a can of beer in the other, and stoned on acid.

    Tom Killion, the very fine Marin-based woodcut and letterpress artist, whose collaborative book, with Gary Snyder “Tamalpais Walking: Poetry, History and Prints”. (Heyday Books, Berkeley. 2009), contains his stunningly beautiful woodcut prints of Mt. Tam, writes that when he attended Magic Mountain at 14, he “…was alarmed by Jim Morrison’s manic microphone humping…”. Jim could do that. Like Mick Jagger, Jim was very good at projecting sexual threat, until alcoholism brought him low.

    Every time I hike Mt. Tam, while visiting old friends in Tam Valley, and hike one of the trails that takes me past the Mountain Theater, I wonder if Greek tragedies had ever been performed in this amphitheater, or is the Mountain Play the only drama performed there? And why was there never another Magic Mountain Music Festival?

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