San Fran’60s Synopsis

“The Street” and “Gilroy” are available in their entirety under “Read a Section.”

The Street – A present-tense, stream-of-expanded-consciousness stroll the length of Haight Street on an afternoon at the height of the Summer of Love.

Unlivable With – A college love affair beset by a jealous husband and a predatory junkie culminates in a night of sex on LSD.

Bernie’s Big Secret – A well known underground journalist was abandoning his wife and infant son, his career and country, and he wouldn’t tell his best friend why.

Amateur Insanity – A nineteen year old, damaged by an upbringing among rednecks, and his roommate, an older scarred veteran of the civil rights movement, experience the gamut of the Summer of Love culminating in mental hospitals and murders.

Junkie Love – Three linked stories about addicts of various types during various phases of the drug culture. There’s a legendary junkie burn-artist and there’s armed robbery between dealers. And it all culminates in a meeting with William Burroughs.

Gilroy – Three dealers are driving from San Francisco to LA in the middle of the night on LSD and transporting LSD during the summer of 1967. They must contend with rednecks at a truck stop as well as demons of their own in their hurtling steal cage.

Summer of ‘66 – Four roommates in an illegal basement apartment in the Haight-Ashbury, plus those who crash there, in the gestational summer before the Summer of Love.


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