A History of the US in 20 Movies
Read Synopsis…After more than a century of commercial filmmaking, there is a vast library of movies based on history. Some rank among the finest achievements of Hollywood and some are at the other end of the spectrum, but there are more than enough, from just watchable to great, to impart an accurate overview of U.S. history. Of course, the movies must be assembled right and each given context, missing information provided and inaccuracies corrected.This book will teach you history by explaining interesting movies, all of which are available on Netflix or Amazon. This book will walk you through each movie using virtually every appropriate detail, providing historical context, explaining historical references, pointing out pertinent cinematic devices, and even occasionally tossing-in a tidbit of Hollywood history.
San Fran’60s: San Francisco
and the Birth of the Hippies

Read Synopsis…San Francisco in the Sixties, the Summer of Love, the birth of the hippies, experience it for yourself in San Fran 60s, a collection of autobiographical short stories. This is the first time a participant has used the devices of literary fiction to put you there, living it. LSD and free love, Haight-Ashbury and the Hell’s Angels, the Hip and the Straight, it’s all here. San Francisco in the Sixties was the epicenter of the biggest cultural transformation of the second half of the Twentieth Century, plus it was the signature experience of a generation, so of course it has had its histories and memoirs, but never this.
More San Fran ’60s
Read Synopsis…Even more stories from Sixties San Francisco ….
Choicest Rock Band Names as Tiny Poems
Read Synopsis…A Darwinian welter of tens of thousands of rock bands desperate for attention has created over the decades some remarkable band names…..
The Gift of Sleep
Read Synopsis…The Gift of Sleep is a unique, highly imaginative novel that crosses the lines of several literary genres. It is an historical novel and also a work of fantasy; historical, because it takes place during the late 1930s and the darkest days of World War II; a work of fantasy because a good deal of this tale is set in Dacia, a small fictional country buried deep in the Balkans. 
Flight From Oaxaca
Read Synopsis…It’s 2006 and Oaxaca, Mexico is in chaos. Protestors and police fill the streets. Carol is led into the swarm of the city by a chance encounter on a flight from Oaxaca…

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