More San Fran’60s Synopsis

The first two stories are available in their entirety under “Read a Section.”

Long Hair – She was a PhD candidate and a groupie, and though she admitted they would be an ideal couple, he didn’t have long enough hair.

The Magic Mountain Music Festival and Fantasy Fun Faire – It was the first hip rock festival (a week before Monterey Pop), headlined by the Doors, and the chick he didn’t even dare fantasize about has him, or has she?

There Is Only One Misfortune – Two men, a brilliant mystic who is also a successful businessman, and a hippie philosophy major, try to reach an ultimate understanding of the universe in a single, brutal eight hour argument.

Chicks – Four separate but interlocked stories trace a knot of sex, love, and psychosis through the Summer of Love.

The Neocon – A character study spanning four decades from Sixties San Francisco through atrocity-ravaged Guatemala to the Iraq War.

Night of the Synchronized Paranoias – Two gorgeous chicks picked up on Haight Street are in the pad waiting to have fun while the two hosts are having simultaneous attacks of crippling drug paranoia.

The stories above are available now on Kindle, but early next year, the stories below will be added to a new expanded Kindle edition, and all the stories, above and below, will be available in the first paperback edition of More San Fran ’60s, also coming out early next year.

Oaxaca – A long letter to a best friend during and about hitchhiking across Mexico immediately after the collapse of the Haight-Ashbury. It goes from stuck-in-the-desert to port city brothels to hippie prison hell against the mystery and magnificence of Mexico.

Satori – The whopper of all acid trips and a peek at ultimate reality … maybe.

Humanity’s Tail – Various attacks by rednecks in the Haight, from murder to brandished rifles to attacks at night in the park during acid trips.

The Beatles’ Last Concert – It was in San Francisco six months before the coalescence of the Haight-Ashbury Counter Culture. The Beatles’ influence is traced through various lives, plus, of course, there is the concert itself.


One Response to More San Fran’60s Synopsis

  1. Concerning Oaxaca…I had had some friends from UCLA Film School (most famous classmate was Jim Morrison) who went to the state of Oaxaca, to the village of Huatla, home of the Mazatec Indians, and the cult of the sacred mushroom (psilocybe mexicana), first reported in America by the amateur mycologist Gordon Wasson. John came back to LA rather quickly, but Phil stayed and ate a lot of mushrooms. When he finally came back he was very strange. After a lot of drug taking back in LA he went back to Huatla. When he returned the second time his parents had him committed for a while. I believe that for some time now the Federales have kept mushroom-seeking Anglos out of Hualta during mushroom harvesting season.

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