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Welcome to Escallonia Press, Marin County’s premier publisher of fine literature with an emphasis on flower power and the fabulous decade of the 60s. We will feed your head, as the doormouse said.

While kudos from literary experts (mainly British) for San Fran ‘60s and More San Fran ‘60s are piling up in the “Reviews” section, we present our latest offering: Choicest Rock Band Names as Tiny Poems. If less is more, this is the most in poetry and engaging reading. There are only a few hundred chosen by editor M.W. Jacobs from ten thousands collected over decades throughout the English-speaking world. The selections are fun, weird, and richly resonant, and they demonstrate that these choicest of rock band names are a form of anonymous folk poetry like graffiti, bumper stickers, and advertising catch phrases. Read a more detailed description under “Titles” and then check out an abridged version for yourself under “Read a Section.”

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Choicest Rock Band Names as Tiny Poems
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